The Last date for submission of Claims was 22nd June 2020. But we recognize the fact that the Claimants for the Corporate Debtor (CD) are spread across the country rather even in Foreign Countries. In the current pandemic situation, while the unlock process has started, yet in Containment zones there is a complete Lockdown. Also where the Unlock process has begun, even there the trains / metro / public transport are not fully functional. This restricts the mobility and leads to hardship for the Claimants to file their claims. Even if they are able to file their claim, they are unable to produce appropriate supportings for the same as these may be in their offices which they are unable to attend as of now. We have already received requests from some claimants to extend the Claim submission period.

Taking all these factors into account, we are of the opinion that the Claim submission time needs to be extended. But can’t do it suo-moto and need appropriate orders from Hon’able NCLT. Thus an IA has been filed with the Hon’able NCLT for allowing the extension of time for filing of the claims, pronouncement of which is awaited.

Considering that, the Hon’ble NCLT approves this extension of time sought for submission of claims, the last date for claim submission would be August 14, 2020.

We shall keep you updated on all the developments in the matter.

Claimants are advised to submit their claims through email as mentioned hereunder:
rpal@paisri.com;   srl@psri.in;

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Appointment of Pankaj Srivastava as Liquidator

Public Announcement to the stakeholders of Samruddhi Realty Ltd

Last Date of Claim to submit is 22nd June 2020 Extended Timeline due to COVID-19) (Kindly refer Note in this section)

Frequently Asked Questions on Claims and Liquidation Process